Mushrooms, Pukaskwa National Park, Ontario, Canada

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Apples, Fall 2016, Milton, Ontario

Published on November 3, 2016

Wishing Everyone an Otter-ly Delightful Christmas

Published on December 23, 2012

  This was my Christmas card from my girlfriend this year, a handmade otter-in-a-Santa-hat. If you have not explored the phenomenon of otters on the internet, do yourself a favour and watch one of these videos:… or… and visit The Daily Otter Blog:

Doorway, Bou Inania Madrasa, Fez, Morocco, 2007

Published on March 12, 2011

A door into the mosque at Bou Inania Madrasa, a lavishily-decorated Marinid building in the Medina of Fez.

In London. . .

Published on November 22, 2010

I am in London for the week and Oxford for the weekend, consulting Ethiopic manuscripts. I will not be updating the site and will rarely check my email during this time.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Published on November 26, 2009

A very Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers, and especially my family and friends back in the States, most of whom I have not seen in over a year. I am looking forward to returning to California over the holidays (23rd December to 12th January), and will hope to see you then. Also to […]

Leaving on Research

Published on May 25, 2009

I am heading out in the morning for Lalibela, Gonder, and Andabet, working on research. I will be posting intermittently or not at all for the next few weeks, as I will likely only have internet access for a small portion of the trip.

Ethiopian Manuscript Heritage Problems and Preservation Strategies

Published on April 10, 2009

I recently lectured to both the first- and second-year classes of Heritage Preservation and Paleoenvironment students at Mekele University on the problems facing manuscript (and more general) conservation and preservation in Ethiopia. While not a full workshop (which I hope to conduct in November, if I can find funding to get back to Ethiopia), it […]

Update & Flickr Integration

Published on March 30, 2008

I have updated to the latest version of WordPress, which should be essentially seamless on the user end. A more interesting update is that , starting with the last three posts, I am converting all the photos from being hosted on my site to being hosted by Flickr. What this means is that you can […]

Published on October 4, 2007

I promise that this is not going to become a forum for re-posting articles from The Online Photographer, but I thought this article and Mike Johnson’s response might interest the historians in my audience, as it is a photographic puzzle that really gets to the heart of the way that pre-conceptions, agendas, and lack of […]

Kenji Nagai

Published on September 28, 2007

Even if you do not follow photography news, I think you should take a look at this post on The Online Photographer, and follow the link to the story. These are the risks that journalists take to tell us of the policies and acts of some of the world’s most repressive regimes. I can only […]

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