Mushrooms, Pukaskwa National Park, Ontario, Canada

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Devin Campbell’s “The Art of Ice”

Published on March 16, 2012

I resolved at some point in the past to link to a photographer or body of work I really thought worth sharing every Friday, and I have consistently failed to do that. Resurrecting an intermittent series, here is the work of Devin Campbell, who I follow on flickr. “Kempor” His project, “The Art of Ice,” […]

Cats of Ethiopia in Your Cat UK

Published on March 12, 2012

A series of photos from my Cats of Ethiopia set is featured in this month’s issue of Your Cat UK. If you are a Your Cat reader and are coming to my site, welcome. You can look around here, or head over to flickr, where my username is larkvi. There, you can see the rest […]

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