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Coffee Brewing, Gelawdiwos, Ethiopia, 2011

Published on December 12, 2011

Ethiopian coffee is traditionally twice-boiled in a traditional coffee pot called ጀበና jabana. The resulting beverage is thick and dark and bitter, and is served with a large helping of sugar to bring up the sweetness to balance the intense flavour created by this method.

Tukul and Clouds, Ethiopia, 2011

Published on December 9, 2011

As we were driving along the China Road (between Bahir Dar and Woldia), we passed a spring and then turned to find this juxtaposition of farmed land, homes, and peaks in clouds. It was a welcome respite from the first part of the drive, which had been relentlessly clear and sunny.

Evangelist Portrait of John and the Beginning of the Gospel of John, Kebran 1 Gospels, Kebran Gabriel Church, Lake Tana, Ethiopia

Published on December 8, 2011

The Evangelist portrait at the beginning of the Gospel of John, in the famous Kebran 1 Gospels, a notable example of manuscript arts held on the isle of Kebran in Lake Tana.

The Baptism of Christ, Kebran 1 Gospels, Kebran, Ethiopa

Published on

Christ with a golden-crossed halo receiving the Holy Spirit during Baptism. The Kebran 1 Gospels are one of only a few Ethiopian manuscripts known to use gold, and interested me for this reason and for the excellent depictions of scribes in the Evangelist portraits.

View from the Escarpment, Wollo, Ethiopia, 2011

Published on December 5, 2011

A view off the edge of the escarpment, along the road from Tenta to Gashena, Wollo Province, Ethiopia.

Farmstead, Zigora, Ethiopia, 2011

Published on December 1, 2011

A farmstead in the rural village of Zigroa, outside of Mekane Eyesus (Iste) in South Gonder. The crop in the front is tef, the national staple crop of the highlands, with maize in the background. Eucaluptus, an introduced species, is the most common type of tree seen in Ethiopia, where it is used as a […]

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