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Getty Images apparently has a program where they are scouring flickr for images to be included in their stock catalogue. Six of my images have been invited, and I have been looking into it.

Priest and Cross, Lalibela, Woldia, Ethiopia, October 2007

Fog and Trees, Dawn, Glacier National Park, Summer 2006

Along the Trail from Buyit Ras to Sankaber, Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia, October 2007


Abba Pentalehwon Monastery, Axum, Ethiopia

Entrance, Bete Medhane Alem, Lalibela, Woldia, Ethiopia, October 2007

I am a little concerned that, especially given the low number of images I have, and the fact that 5 are royalty-free (only the image of the priest is rights-managed), I would essentially be giving away some of my best work for free. Even is something does sell, I would only get 20%/30% of the proceeds, and I lose all commercial rights and waive all moral rights, especially troubling since I was in the process of selecting a printer for two of these images, and the one from glacier is perhaps my favorite image that I have produced.

On the other hand, they let me produce limited edition print and book runs (up to 500), I am not really marketing my images, and Getty is the most able to sell them, so perhaps I should put them in, and see if any money comes my way. My main concern is that even if Getty never sells my images, I can never get them back.

I think this is a really good idea for Getty, and an innovative way to get a collection of great images with limited outlay, but I wonder if it is a good model for me, letting them cherry-pick my most marketable work for low percentages.

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