“Book” Shelves, or Jim Rosenau’s Books as Furniture at Thisintothat.com

A particularly self-referential shelf at Jin Rosenau’s booth at the Palo Alto Art and Wine Festival, where he was showing of his bookshelves, made both for and out of books.

Inspired by reading Nicholson Baker’s article “Books as Furniture” in the New Yorker (June 12, 1995, p. 84 — also printed in his The Size of Thoughts (Vintage, 1997.). When actual books proved not to be sturdy enough, he switched to hollowing them out, and making durable interiors of wood covered by a bookish veneer. He selects the books for their appearance, theme, and to make clever comparisons, and will custom make shelves to fit particular interests. A lovely play on the idea of a ‘book shelf’ and the term ‘furniture books,’ punctuated by this clever juxtaposition at his site.

A variety of his projects, showing smaller shelves as well as a key rack.

Jim Rosenau, Palo Alto Art and Wine Festival, August 2008

The artist. You can find out more, and order his work, by going to thisintothat.com.

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