Bison Headshot, Yellowstone NP, Summer 2007

Bison Headshot, Yellowstone National Park, Summer 2007

I was photographing this bison at 300mm (480mme), getting its whole body, when a nearby professional photographer, annoyed that the beast would not raise its head and open its eye to look at the camera decided more or less to give up. We had been exchanging a bit of chit-chat, and before he packed up, he offered to let me try his Canon 500mm f/4 L (800mme). Almost as soon as I got my camera onto the lens and figured out how to loosen the Wimberly mount, the bison looked up and I got my favorite bison shot of the trip.

You’d think that, given how kind the photographer was, in allowing me to use his extremely expensive equipment, I would have thought to ask his name, but I didn’t.

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