Dragonfly, Butchart Gardens, Summer 2006

Dragonfly, Butchart Gardens, Summer 2006

While I am sorting through my recent trip for photos to post here, I thought I would post an older photo that remains a favorite of mine. After wandering around Butchart Gardens in bad light, I was rather disappointed (definitely spectacular gardens, but I had somehow imagined more) and on my way out. I saw this dragonfly on a bird-bath, and its color struck me. I recall being surprised at how very tolerant of my 50mm macro lens the subject was–to focus this close, I had to be only an inch or two away, and it was still there when I left. The flowers, a bit past their peak when sharp, look great out of focus, and this shot shows a lot more color than my usual photos–something I have been trying to think about more as I am out shooting.

I carried that lens (sigma 50mm f/2.8 Macro EX) with me everywhere I went–itwas a real gem, and my favorite . . . up until the time it was stolen. Moral of the story: kids, don’t carry your expensive camera and lens with you everywhere you go . . .

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