Katy and Cal’s Wedding

Last weekend I was down in the Boston area for the first wedding I have attended since I was small enough to be the ring-bearer. Cal, a friend from my high school years whom I have kept in touch with since. The ceremony, short and touching, was officiated by Cal’s mother, a judge, and concluded with the exchange of bands of mottled titaniam (mokume gane). It was held near sunset outdoors in front of blooming rhododendrons at a botanic gardens; the reception was in the nearby conservatory. It went off as well as could be hoped, and all the guests I talked to thought it was an amazing wedding.

The wedding photographer was unobtrusive, very competent, and had better gear, so, while I would not venture to compete with him, I did get a handful of photos that I would venture to share. I have tried selective saturation to get something of a dreamy effect in this shot and a couple others. There was no formal division, but the two sides split by age, and I chose to sit with the other twenty-somethings on what conventionally would have been the groom’s side, so, despite coming as a friend of the groom, I ended up in a much better position to capture the bride (something I will keep in mind next time).

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