Mushrooms, Pukaskwa National Park, Ontario, Canada

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On the Road: Highway 50 ‘The Loneliest Highway in the World’

Published on June 18, 2007

As the image suggests, I am on the road, and will not be posting often. Hopefully, I will produce some images worth posting. I was fooling around with the ultra-wide-angle lens while driving on Highway 50 through Nevada to Great Basin National Park when I produced this image. I was lying down on the road […]

Katy and Cal’s Wedding

Published on June 4, 2007

Last weekend I was down in the Boston area for the first wedding I have attended since I was small enough to be the ring-bearer. Cal, a friend from my high school years whom I have kept in touch with since. The ceremony, short and touching, was officiated by Cal’s mother, a judge, and concluded […]

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