Fog and Trees, Dawn, Glacier National Park, Summer 2006

Fog and Trees, Dawn, Glacier National Park, Summer 2006

I took this on Swiftcurrent Lake at the very beginning of an 11-mile, all-day hike up to the Grinell Glacier and back. As dawn was just breaking, the clouds and fog were constantly on the move, making it a wonderful time to shoot. I had intended to shoot the reflections on Lake Josephine with the 4×5 Speedgraphic, but I was so taken with shooting the morning light, clouds, and fog with the Digital Rebel that I did not get it out. In fact, I started out with a pack with three cameras (4×5, Elan, and Digital Rebel), and used none but the Rebel all day, regretting the extra weight of the other two on the 5.5 mile climb to the Glacier itself.

This is my favorite shot of my entire 24-day trip from California to Toronto, on which trip I visited Glacier/Waterton NP, Banff NP, Jasper NP, Yoho NP, Kootenay NP, Mount Robson PP, Glacier NP (Canada), Mt. Revelstoke NP, Elk Island NP, Prince Albert NP, Riding Mountain NP, and various small stops in-between. It needs some work before it is printed, but I am looking forward to the result.

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